Monday, January 7, 2013

Go with the Flo

In my eyes, Florence Welch is one of those people you aspire to be your entire life. She is the epitome of "cool". Her band, Florence + The Machine, won the 2009 Critics Choice Award at the Brits as well as an enormous global fan base. Their music has been known to be very different, quirky and overwhelmingly powerful. It's the kind of music that you blast throughout your house and scream along to as you telepathically tell your ex boyfriend that you are so over him and it's the tune you sing to when you're on the road with your friends.  I believe that a few of her songs are on my "Top 25 most played" playlist on my Ipod.

Florence's own personal style as well as her on-stage wardrobe have also been catching the public's eye lately. Her style, much like her music, is refreshingly different in a society where the mainstream seems to swallow everything. I suppose you could call a lot of her looks "vintage inspired" since a lot of the lacy textiles she chooses give off that kind of 20s vibe. She likes to play with classic men's silhouettes like pant suits with bow ties as much as she enjoys dressing up in a feminine gown. I find this kind of contrast very interesting because it gives me the impression that she isn't afraid to experiment and that she wears what she likes. She has also never shied away from edgy modern looks on stage (a little Gaga esque, minus the meat). On the street, she likes to play it up with dare I say it, a little hipster edge, pairing things like high-waisted shorts with a blazer and a flower print dress with a leather jacket.

After watching Florence + The Machine's video for What the Water Gave Me, I was instantly inspired to get the exact same bird cage tattoo that she has on her finger (although I am convinced it would never be as cool as hers). Her music, her style and her attitude are all things that are admired by many and are a source of great inspiration around the globe; I'm sure that many have also tried to recreate her signature fiery red locks.

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