Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From the clutches of my closet: All dressed up.

This is by far one of my favorite dresses from the collection of random clothes that I call my wardrobe. I discovered it while on a rambunctious road trip to Toronto this summer, right before my friend almost died of claustrophobia in Forever 21 (you should really choose your shopping companions carefully: it is not for the weak at heart!). This great find cost me only twenty dollars. I always become ecstatic when I win the battle find something so great for so little.

 I love this because its short enough to be considered "flirty" but not short enough to be vulgar or leaving me thinking twice before bending over. I love how the sheer polka-dot fabric overlaps the layer underneath by about an inch and the cut out in the back just makes it absolutely lovely. Its edgy without being completely composed of meat. Plus, cut outs and sheer fabric were the trends that were on all the spring/summer runways.

I accessorized with silver sequined stilettos that have a slight platform and cut outs to match the dress. A small pop of colour such as some red nails would definitely kick the outfit up a notch. I also wore a silver, over-sized ring and my trademark "C" pendant necklace. A longer necklace would have also worked since the front of the dress is relatively simple and would not be offended by some bedazzling.