Monday, October 1, 2012

Mission Statement

When I was younger, fashion had always been in the back of my mind; something I thought was interesting but never really knew anything about. The Christmas I was fifteen, I jumped on a train heading to Toronto to spend a few days with my sister. At some point during my holidays, I stopped by to visit her at work, which was a very trendy and sophisticated little cafe. On my way out, an older man who was sitting, drinking his coffee by himself stopped me. He said to me: “I’m sorry to bother you, but I must say that you are quite beautiful and tall too!” As I started to worry about the direction this conversation was heading and trying to come up with something to say all at the same time, he said: “I’m a modeling agent”.  He handed me his green and silver business card and told me that I should get in touch with him once I grew another inch or two. Perhaps my vanity is responsible, but after that, I became completely obsessed with fashion and its industry. I started researching everything about it and never missed an episode of Fashion Television, with the hope that one day; I could become a professional fashion model.

A few months later, I traveled back to Toronto and met up with Mr. Elmer Olsen (the modeling agent) only to be told that I was still about an inch too short. My dreams of strutting down the most prestigious runways slowly diffused but I never lost interest in fashion. As Carrie Bradshaw once said: “When I first moved to New York and was totally broke, I would sometimes buy Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt that it fed me more.” Not that I would ever allow my passion for fashion to render me starving but very much understand Carrie’s perspective. I’m hoping that by writing about something that inspires me so greatly, I will be able to further my education in this field, as well as broadening the horizons of the readers and perhaps event inspire a few people.

I have always found it interesting how fashion can incorporate so many mediums of art. Designers illustrate their visions before executing them with fabric that someone has engineered. Talented photographers capture models posing in their creations, on the runway or on a set. Then, editors and graphic designers work together, publishing them in all the hottest magazines. It’s the perfect kaleidoscope of modern day art and the perfect domain for someone, such as myself, who has such a wide variety of interests. I hope to perhaps, one day, pursue a career in the fashion industry because it feels as though I am naturally drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. Although it has never been proven that this kind of passion can be hereditary: passed on to you from previous generations, I believe it is a valid hypothesis. My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family had a very keen interest in photography and in the general functioning and maintenance of film cameras (of course he passed before the digital era). Although he was known to be a man of many interests, I recently found a few photographs that he had taken of my grandmother. I was amazed at how wonderful they were and at how talented he must have been. My cousin, Jenn (also on my mother’s side), is now an established stylist working out of Seattle, who also happens to have an impeccable sense of personal style. Perhaps these are just happy coincidences, but I like to consider the possibility that a long line of artistic blood runs through my veins. 

Photos of my grandmother, Eva, captured by her husband.
I believe that fashion isn’t just some silly thing that girls like to fret about but rather a creative outlet. It allows individuals to express themselves through their clothing, accessories and overall style. It allows designers to send shock waves across the planet with their ground-breaking designs; changing the world with their very own point of view. Like the iconic couturier, Coco Chanel, once stated: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” That being said, it can also be an indicator of the events that are occurring in the world. In the 30s, fashion was basically non-existent since The Great Depression had wiped out every basic luxury. In the 60s, fashion had a very youthful and fun vibe as hippie culture was starting to emerge as a rebellion against the violence the Vietnamese War had brought. In the late 90s, runways had a very futuristic and dark tone as a new century was approaching and Y2K was on everyone’s mind. As celebrity American sportswear designer, Michael Kors, once put it: “Fashion is not for sissies.” It is most definitely an incredibly grueling industry that has been known to cause even the toughest of the crop to wither under the pressure.

I am very excited about this blog because there is still an entire world of knowledge regarding the fashion industry out there for me to discover. My mind is hungry for it. This project has already started to push me to learn more by flipping through the literary works written by designers, models and style icons as well as my beloved style magazines. My brain has already started running wild and becoming impregnated with several exciting ideas. Here’s hoping this project will allow me to pass my grade twelve English class as well as creating some amazing new opportunities for myself.

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