Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From the clutches of my closet: Falling for Mustard

One of my very favorite purchases that I've made lately is a pair of mustard-yellow skinny jeans that I found for a whopping twenty dollars. It's a great colour for fall and I keep becoming surprised by the number of colours it looks fabulous with.  According to Lauren Conrad's book entitled Style, a pair of skinnies fits you ideally when you can just barely zip the fly (of course without spilling out of them in other areas) and these, I believe are the perfect example. Here are some looks I put together using the jeans for Fall's ever-changing climate.

For warmer weather

For when summer is just starting to turn, I suggest pairing the yellow denim with a cropped jean jacket and tribal print t-shirt. I wore it with striped flats that pick up the colour in the jeans and in the narrow purple head-band. If you feel this is a little too "matchy matchy" for you, feel free to use colours that clash; it was very on trend this summer!

 Getting cooler...

For that time of the year when you finally part with your short shorts for the season, I paired the skinnies with a light military-style jacket, a plain gray scoop-neck t-shirt and a blue and white striped infinity scarf. Fall is definitely prime scarf time. I wore it with a pair of simple black sandals but you could also substitute them for a pair of black flats if you notice your toes starting to turn blue.


For that time of the year when it's so cold that you wouldn't bother stepping out your front door if you didn't look so fabulous while doing it, I would put the jeans together with a long and heavy pea coat, a pair of gray faux-leather boots and a statement t-shirt. This one says: "say it out loud". In my mind, colour blocking never goes out of style.

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