Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Ottawa Fashion Week that just so happened to be my very first runway show. I had a blast. The shows seemed to get better and better as they went on and I loved being around people that had such an impeccable sense of personal style. Unfortunately, I bought my tickets the day of the event so I was stuck sitting in the very back for most of the show and of course there was no flash photography permitted and this resulted in very little adequate pictures. Here were some of the highlights of the show that I was able to capture.

Models that shave their heads

I absolutely love the unconventionality of female models that choose to shave their heads. It makes a bold and modern statement that radiates strength and independence. Having no hair also allows for the model's best features to shine though, never mind the convenience of hassle-free styling.

One-colour collections

Although some of the looks from this collection were not my favorite, I love the idea of designing an entire collection in one colour. It allows it to be cohesive even if the designs are completely different.

Innovative styling

I'm really starting to like this kind of out-of-the-box styling. It has a sort of cool, Victorian vibe and gives a whole new meaning to the word "retro".

Theatricality in runway shows

In the finale show, they had these (mostly naked) men escorting the models down the runway with parasols that were covered in gold glitter so that when they walked, the glitter floated off. It made for a very beautiful and mystical effect. Plus, who doesn't love seeing a nice set of abs?

Style-savvy people

I love how fashion shows attract such style-savvy people, makes sense, right? This is fragrance stylist, Sid Cratzbarg, looking fabulous.

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